Monday, November 21, 2016

Architecture as Inspiration

Chapin and I are huge Project Runway fans. We record the show, and spend most Friday nights in front of the TV: watching, critiquing, judging, forecasting, etc. Plus, there's also some wine and a little junk food mixed in (usually nachos or some type of Mexican food). It's probably my favorite night of the week.

This dress seems like it was born in a Project Runway challenge where the contestants had to be inspired by the architecture around them, from the pleat in the skirt to the criss-crossing lines. I just get a huge skyscraper vibe off it. 

It's a great dress (and very comfortable) from the Erin Fetherston brand. It's hard to tell, but the material is neoprene (scuba), which means it's a good travel dress and won't easily wrinkle.

Dress: Erin Erin Fetherston Striped Neoprene Claremont Dress

The dress is available (in limited sizing) at Amazon, Lord & Taylor, and on the Erin Fetherston website. You can also rent it. The dress runs a little large, so I recommend sizing down. I'm wearing a size 4 for reference.

Shoes: Tamara Mellon Talisman Beaded Watersnake and Suede Sandals (no longer available)

Purse: Aldo Game Top Handbag

This Aldo purse (my first from the brand) was too pretty to pass up for just $40! It's sold out on Amazon, but you can still buy it on the brand's website (and it comes in a few other colors as well).