Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I Heart Alice and Olivia

Happy Valentine's Day 2017! There are two things I just love about this holiday:

1. Heart-shaped candy. I can't get enough of the Valentine's Day Peppermint Patties in the shiny silver, red and pink wrappers. Fortunately, they are not the worst candy to eat in terms of fat and calories, because I will devour several in one sitting!

2. Sugar-coated fashion. I love seeing people dress up in red or pink, or in any type of Valentine's Day themed outfit. Take my dress today, for example. Wearing this dress on any other day just wouldn't be the same.

Outfit of the Day Details

Dress: Alice and Olivia Amor' Heart Pattern Fit and Flare Dress (no longer available)

There are so many things to love about this dress... the sweet heart pattern, the little cap sleeves, but especially the box pleats. This is a true fit and flare dress, snug at the waist and flaring out into a dramatic full skirt. The box pleats help push the skirt out a little more than in a typical fit and flare dress, giving it a 1950s vibe. (Though the skirt is definitely a little short to be vintage-inspired.)

I don't love the back of the dress -- there is a transparent panel in the back that is thankfully black, so you can still wear a bra -- but the overall effect is still fun and feminine. All in all, the perfect dress for Valentine's Day. Plus, the fabric is wool, so you can stay warm on a chilly February day. (Of course, it was 70 degrees in Atlanta today!)

Shoes: Jimmy Choo Lang Sandals in Flame

I adore these sandals, not just because they're beautiful, but because they are surprisingly comfortable for such a high heel. You can still buy the sandals in a myriad of colors, and if you're going to splurge, they are definitely worth it.