Monday, February 20, 2017

Spring Weather in February

Seventy-five degrees in February is a great way to start off another week, and I wanted my happy mood to come through in my clothes. That's why I chose this colorful striped confection from Eva Franco to wear to work today.

Dress: Eva Franco Striped Fit and Flare Dress

The dress is still available at in select sizing, and is on sale for just $47 (marked down from $188).

If you like the stripes ("Finland Stripes"), you can also get the dress in a different silhouette on

Pumps: Manolo Blahnik BB Pumps in  Raspberry Patent Leather

I just adore how the raspberry color of my shoes perfectly matches the raspberry color in the dress.

Why am I in such a good mood? Well, maybe because my next nephew will be born this week (if he comes on time). My sister, Gail, is pregnant with her first child, a boy due on the 27th. It's an exciting time for our family!

Speaking of family, I enjoyed celebrating the two people who already have February birthdays: my mom and my sister, Laura. My mom made a Mexican food spread for us all to enjoy, and we had cake and cookies for dessert. (I made these hazelnut chocolate chunk cookies, and just swapped out the flour for gluten-free flour so I could eat them, too. I will definitely make them again; they were so yummy.)

The painting in the background is the Ali Leja Designs angel painting that Chapin and I got my mom for Christmas. I gave Ali a photo of my grandmother, and she painted the angel to resemble her, complete with little details like the rose she wore on her lapel.

If you're looking for a local artist, I highly recommend Ali. She is immensely talented, and lives in the Atlanta suburbs. She also did the portrait of George I commissioned over the summer.

With my mom, Laura, and Laura's two sons on 2/18/2017.