Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Fancy Free

I think today's dress may be a little fancy for just a typical day at the office, but I was running late and didn't have time to change. And honestly... this dress makes me feel pretty. Do you ever put something on and feel just wonderful? That's how this dress makes me feel. I think my good mood and confidence level spilled over into my actions, too, because I had a really great morning at work, talking to both current and potential clients.

Clothes do matter!

Dress: Alice + Olivia Patrice V-Neck Lace Dress

You can still find the dress at Bleu Clothing and Neiman Marcus. The dress is very smartly designed, with a v-neck and fitted waist, great for a woman with curves. I like how the light pink (blush) and black lace intertwine, too, and how some of the lace actually spills over the hem. It's really beautiful, in typical Alice + Olivia fashion. If you've never checked out the brand, I encourage you to do so. I've been a fan for many, many years, and even wore the brand for my grad school graduation back in 2008.

Shoes: Prada Leather Cutout Ankle Booties

I chose these booties to help dress down the look; strappy sandals just would have been too much for the office. I also love combining the hard look of a bootie with the soft look of a feminine lace dress.

I know it's been over a week since my last post, but I've been having camera issues. After Chapin knocked over our tripod, breaking it, we had to order a new one. When that finally arrived, I took one picture using it (my last post), but then was in a hurry bringing it back inside, and it fell over, taking the camera with it. The flash spent several days at a local repair shop, but is back in working order now (thank goodness).