Monday, August 14, 2017

Feminine or Childish?

Little details on a dress -- or any other piece of clothing for that matter -- can mean the difference between looking foolish and looking chic. As I get older, I'm even more aware of this fact.

From the front, this crepe dress looks fairly plain, with a simple fit and flare silhouette and relatively conservative square neckline. 

The bow detail on the back, however, gives the dress a more feminine feel. I am normally not a huge fan of bows -- I'm definitely in the 'less is more' camp when it comes to adornment and accessories -- but bows have their place. 

If overused, bows can border on childish, but here, I think it helps take the dress to a more playful level. The color is just beautiful, too.

You can find the dress on sale at Bon-Ton and Dillard's. I got a great deal on it; it's on sale for just $32 at

Wearing these "Boss Lady" pumps today is my way of offsetting the femininity of the dress. Did it work? I am a boss at work, after all.