Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Zipper Logic

Adding a zipper to the front of a dress may seem like a good and unique idea, but I question the logic. Zippers can add weird ripples and bumps to a dress that most women won't like -- especially when those ripples and bumps appear near your stomach.

Fortunately, I have my Spanx on underneath to help smooth things out. Thank goodness for Spanx!

I definitely see the value in a front zipper; it will make a normal dress extremely versatile for both work and social situations. For example, I could easily turn this dress into something much sexier just by unzipping it a bit. Revolve Clothing sold the dress that way (it's sold out now). Since I'm at work, though, that zipper will stay all the way closed. ;)

Dress: Bailey 44 Olive Green Sundowners Sheath Dress with Square Neckline

You can find the dress at Amazon, or rent it at Rent the Runway. I got mine at, even though it's similar to a dress I already own from Black Halo. I just can't turn down that square neckline. It's so flattering!

Shoes: Jimmy Choo Fearne Glitter Criss-Cross Wedges

This post will most likely be my last for the week, since I'm off on Friday for New York City! I'll be exploring all that Manhattan has to offer with a few friends from high school. I can't wait.