Monday, October 21, 2019

Red Warrior

I'm gearing up for a busy week, so I thought I would start things off in a bold color. Red is such an attention-grabbing hue, and when it's paired with a unique silhouette, it makes for such a memorable ensemble.

Outfit Details

Dress: Shoshanna Giana Ruffle Sheath Dress (no longer available)

Shoes: Jimmy Choo Romy Embroidered Satin Pumps (no longer available)

I wasn't feeling that great this past weekend -- the changing weather, going from temperatures in the 90s to the 40s, makes my head hurt with the pressure -- so I tried to rest and relax as much as possible. Sometimes you need that downtime to be at your best!

Our fridge died, so one of the highlights of my weekend was picking out a new one. It was delivered today!

I also hit a new PR (personal record) on the Peloton bike for a 45-minute ride. I have been loving the Tabata rides from Robin Arzon. She really gets my heart rate up.

  • Output: 537
  • Calories Burned: 444

I really feel like I get more out of the bike than any other cardio machine. I've been working out consistently for almost 20 years now, so at this point, I'm fairly fit. I have a slow heart rate, and it takes a lot to wear me out. Even running... I definitely don't burn as many calories in the same time frame. If you want to switch up your workout routine, I definitely recommend this bike.