Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I'm in a great mood today, perhaps because I got a good night sleep. I wasn't feeling too great last night - I was having a bad time with my allergies, complete with sneezing, itchy/ watery eyes and a constant runny nose - so I think it was around 10 p.m. exactly when I fell asleep.

Anyway, I am feeling good today and ready to start the day. I am also wearing one of my favorite dresses: the "Sarah" dress from French Connection. This dress was a great deal and has also been seen on a few celebrities like Shawn Johnson and in TV shows like Cougar Town and Entourage. I love the vivid blue color and the cut is great for emphasizing those womanly curves.

I paired the dress today with my black L.A.M.B. Quincy d'Orsay Pumps and, of course, my Michele bag! I think these shoes are fabulous, though they are a bit high. I wouldn't recommend too much walking around in them.

As for my makeup, I really did my eyes up dramatically, and went light on the lipstick. I love NARS eyeshadows, and today I used the graphite shade from my NARS Eurydice Eyeshadow Duo.