Monday, January 18, 2016

All Dressed in Yellow

Daisy, Daisy... You know how the song goes! This butter yellow dress, combined with my daisy pumps, are just the perfect anecdote to working on a day when many people have off.

I have never had Martin Luther King Day off in my entire career! But that's ok... I accomplished so much today.

Dress: Shoshanna Lemon Yellow Bengaline Pleated Demi Dress

Here is a strapless version of the dress available in pink on

I think I've mentioned on this blog before that I am really not a fan of myself in yellow due to my olive skin tone, but lately, I seem to be having a change of heart. Plus, it's fun pairing yellow with my amethyst jewelry. I just love yellow and purple together. I even have a hint of purple eyeshadow on my lids.

Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti Daisy Pumps (no longer available)

On Lips: Dior Addict Fluid Stick in Trompre L'Oeil

Even though I didn't have a long weekend like many other people, I still had a very nice weekend. I spent some time with my parents on Saturday afternoon, and Chapin and I stayed in on Saturday night. We watched Trainwreck and ate takeout Indian food from Urban Spice. Lately, that's really what I prefer to do... just cuddle at home with my husband and my dogs. Who wants to go outside when it's so cold?!

I have actually been feeling pretty sad lately. This Friday, January 22nd, will be one year since we lost George, and I just can't seem to stop thinking about him. I just miss him so much. I'm realizing that the bond we had was very rare, and though I love Wally and Norman and would do anything for them, it's just not the same.