Thursday, January 14, 2016

Delectable Dessert of a Dress

How could I resist a dress named after my favorite dessert: the cupcake? Kate Spade New York always delivers with ultra-feminine dresses, and this fit and flare silhouette is no exception. I love the bold blue color, too, to help make my light eyes pop a little more than usual. I know I already have a lot of blue in my closet, but it's my favorite color!

Dress: Kate Spade Cupcake Skirt Dress in Lapis Blue

The dress is still available at the following stores:

Similar style dress (cheaper): Adelyn Rae Cross Back Twill Fit and Flare Dress in Cobalt from Nordstrom.

You can also find an embellished version in black at and Bloomingdales.

Shoes: Casadei Croc-Embossed Leather Slingback Pumps in Gold (no longer available)

Chapin and I have been carpooling this week, and that's probably one reason I look so exhausted. I work out in the mornings, and then take my time getting ready, even stopping to watch Good Morning America while drinking my coffee and eating breakfast. Now I have to rush through my morning routine to get out the door on time. Hopefully, we won't have to carpool for long!

Here's an update on what I've been reading and watching lately:

Reading: I'm almost halfway done with The Goldfinch, by Donna Tartt, a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel my mother-in-law recommended. I'm enjoying the story so far!

Listening: I am listening to a really random playlist right now that includes Whitney Houston, The Railway Children, Vance Joy, Echosmith and others. When I run outside, I like to use Rock My Run, an app that lets you stream playlists according to your tastes. I'm a big fan of all the 80s mixes, especially this 80s Soundtrack mix.

Watching: I just finished watching the ten-part Netflix series Making a Murderer, about a wrongfully convicted Wisconsin man (DNA proved he was innocent) who gets out of prison after 18 years... only to later go on trial for the brutal murder of a young woman. Steven Avery and his nephew are both now serving time for her death.

When I originally heard about the series, I thought the title referred to the fact that prison turned an innocent man into a murderer, but it's actually about the justice system. From everything I've seen, I'm not convinced Steven Avery is actually guilty. There is certainly reasonable doubt in my mind, especially when it comes to the evidence presented at trial. It really does seem like he was framed.

Chapin and I have discussed the series at length, and Chapin believes Avery is the guilty party. If you've watched it, I'd love to discuss it with you. It's had me captivated this whole week.

I also wrapped up watching Pretty Little Liars about a month ago, and just watched the first new episode of Season 6 this week on Freeform. If anything positive can be said about the month of January, it's all the new TV available!


Unknown said...

I just finished the second episode of Making a Murderer. Ben and Nonny both watched it. Folks in Wisconsin seem to be saying the documentary is biased. I will try to watch the rest and we'll chat.

Everyday Fashionista said...

Oh, that's interesting, Laura. What did Ben think of it?

Unknown said...

HI! I did NOT watch the series but I can tell you that this is one of the most horrific, evil murders that I ever heard about. I cannot watch this series , because of that( it was SOOOOOO disturbing..) The Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel had a front page article on the series by a reporter who had covered the murder and trial , as it went on. She lists certain things about the case , which she feels are very pertinent, and largely ignored in the series. She still feels that Avery is guilty. I personally feel the man is a demon, and if he should get released from jail, it will be too bad for the next young woman he becomes obsessed with. I,m going to look up the article date, for your reference.

Unknown said...

I'm sorry ----need to correct myself... the reporter of the article I referenced is MALE- ( Tom Kertscher ) . Please look up article by him in he January 10th MIlwaukee Journal/ Sentinel. ( " Series is compelling, but is it a game changer.... etc ")

Everyday Fashionista said...

I will check it out, Annie. I'm not saying the guy is innocent, and this crime is certainly horrific. I just felt that the investigators never pursued any other leads, like the ex-boyfriend, the roommate, the co-worker... If they had done a better job looking at EVERY suspect and ruled each person out, I would feel better about Avery spending the rest of his life in prison. There was just too much reasonable doubt for me. But, also, the filmmakers did seem a little biased in the documentary; it was completely from the Avery point of view. No one from the victim's side was interviewed, though they did include clips of the brother talking to the press. There were just a lot of questions remaining for me by the end of the series. You should watch it, though, just to see another point of view.

Everyday Fashionista said...

Elizabeth said...

I just read the Goldfinch, too! We will need to discuss next time we hang out.