Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Scuba and Lace

A lace fit and flare dress, made from scuba material, is a little fancy for the office, but I needed a a jolting pop of color to brighten my day. Norman and Wally still aren't getting along, and can't even be out of their crates and in the same room without going into attack mode. Chapin and I are so stressed out about it. We are going to have to do some serious training with both dogs, and frankly, with work being so crazy right now, the only thing I want to do when I come home is relax on the couch. I guess I'm going to have to get over that mindset, though, if I want peace at home again.

Dress: Shoshanna Salma Lace-Trimmed Scuba Fit & Flare Dress

This dress was appealing not only for its beautiful red color, but also the pleated skirt. If only the dress had pockets, it would be absolutely perfect.

Pumps: Betsey Johnson (no longer available)

I'm off to Pennsylvania tomorrow for a business trip, so this post will probably be my last one for the month. I can't say I'm sad to see January come to a close. It's been a pretty terrible month (though not as bad as last year).


Elizabeth said...

Beautiful color!!

Unknown said...

Too had about Wally and Norman!! And about the bites sustained=======NOT funny! It never even crossed my mind that your dogs might not get along!! We have two males too----- Joey Joe was introduced as a 5 month old, to Sweeney who was 4 years old. They are truly brothers, snuggle together for sleeping, and Joe grooms Sweeney like a Mama Kitty! Well, wait a sec !! You've had two males before! I guess that these dogs are just like PEOPLE,,,, sometimes the chemistry is just not there !!! BUT, I have to THANK YOU FOR HANGING IN there and TRYING to work it out, SO THAT WALLY CAN STAY IN HIS NEW WONDERful HOME and LIFE, ANd not have to go thru that trauma again!! Most people would have given Wally his marching orders , at the first bite !!!! I really feel that Wally's future is hanging in the balance here!! I do think that another move could RUIN him forever, SO----- AGAIN , THANK YOU FOR BEING the TYPE OF PEOPLE THAT yOU ARE , and TRYING TO SALVAGE Wally's life and psyche . I think that maybe an ANIMAL SHRINK might be more successful than a TRainer !! At least you live in a major Metro area where that type of intervention might be available. I am going to keep my fingers crossed , AND Say a prayer for you all ! Hang in there! just a little longer!!

Unknown said...

p.s. You looked GREAT in that Karen Millen Floral dress !! It dawns on me that you are posing OUTSIDE for all of these photos.. braving the Atlanta winter temperatures for your blog readers!! ( what a gal !! )