Thursday, March 23, 2017

20 Hours Without Power

When it rains, it pours. Shit happens. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse. My week started off fine, but just went downhill from there. (Yep, I'm planning to stuff as many cliches as possible into one post.)

This week has been a stressful one.

Monday night, I arrived home from work in a great mood, excited to try a new recipe that Chapin was cooking up. But I walked in the door to find a sheepish chef and a little pug with a very red and watery eye. Chapin soon admitted that Wally had scratched his eye on a branch or piece of pine straw while they were out on their evening walk, and it wasn't getting any better.

If you don't have pugs or another type of flat-faced dog breed, then you probably don't understand the seriousness of eye issues. We live in constant fear that Wally will get something in his eye or wander too close to something sharp. Because pugs don't have a snout, their eyes don't have any protection from things around them. (George had two eye ulcers in his lifetime.) 

We wanted to make sure it was just a scratch and not something more serious, so off to the vet I went. Wally and I were there most of the evening, and the little guy is now on antibiotic drops and doing just fine -- thank goodness!
Wally in his hoodie on a cold night last week (pre-injury).

Tuesday night, Chapin had to work late, so I was home with the boys when a huge storm rolled in. The wind was blowing so hard against the door it sounded like someone was trying to break in! The lights flickered a few times, but we never lost power.

Chapin arrived home around 10 p.m. and told me a tree had fallen near the front of the subdivision, blocking one of the entrances. Then, about 4 a.m., we lost power...

... and it didn't come back on for 20 hours.

I couldn't wash my hair because I had no hair dryer or straightener to use. I couldn't workout because all the machines were in the neighborhood gym, and the whole neighborhood was without power. We couldn't make coffee. All the food in our fridge started to spoil.

Wednesday wasn't a great day.

Thankfully, today feels like it will be pretty normal, and it's a little extra special because my nephew, Reid, is turning five. Now I just have to make it through the rest of this week in one piece!

Outfit of the Day

The dress is so comfortable, and I'm loving this long-sleeve trend that I'm seeing with so many designers lately. Buy it now at Amazon, Bluefly or Neiman Marcus.

These types of dresses are perfect for crisp, chilly days in Fall or Spring when it's too cold to go without a jacket in the morning, but warms up by the afternoon. (If you live in the South, you know the type of day I'm describing.)

This dress is my first one from stylist-turned-designer Rachel Zoe. It's sexy with a boho twist, although I wish the sleeves weren't quite so puffy.

Celebrity Sighting!
Candace Cameron Bure wore the dress on The View. Photo from