Monday, March 6, 2017

Going Green

March is one of those transition months between winter and spring, where it can be cold one day and balmy the next. We've had a mild winter here in Atlanta, so I'm thinking that this March is going to be a month of green, where everything starts coming alive outside. You can already see more foliage just in this picture. Those little red flowers you see behind me weren't there even a week ago. (The only bad thing about this month: the influx of pollen!)

Dress: Black Halo Bailey Sheath Dress in Teal

This dress is extremely simple -- short sleeves and a fitted sheath silhouette -- but the lace and the color combine to make it visually so appealing. Up close, the lace has bronze, gold and lighter blues interwoven into the fabric; it seems to sparkle in sunlight!

Shoes: Jimmy Choo Hesper 85 Mirror Leather Sandal

I chose gold shoes to match the bronze and gold fabric in the lace, though any neutral color would have worked here.

Several celebrities have been seen in these Jimmy Choos, including Blake Lively (below), Taylor Swift, Elle Fanning, Jenna Dewan Tatum and others. As with all Jimmy Choo shoes, they are fabulous.

Blake Lively in Jimmy Choo Hesper Sandals