Monday, March 13, 2017

All About Green

Friday is St. Patrick's Day, so I'm kicking off my self-proclaimed "Week of Green" with this black and green Anne Klein sweater dress. I also made mint chocolate chip cookies last night to bring to work today. (Chapin said they are his "second favorite cookie" that I've ever made. The first is a chocolate-chocolate-peanut butter cookie. That man loves anything that combines chocolate and peanut butter.)

I love giving my staff some sweet treats to help them through the week... especially this week. I think everyone will be less productive due to Daylight Savings Time. I'm tired already and it's only Monday. When will they do away with this antiquated custom? Sheesh.

Dress: Anne Klein Two-Tone Sweater Dress

The dress is so comfortable, and since the temperature is now more like winter than spring, I feel warm and cozy in it as well. I'm wearing an XS for reference.

You can still buy the dress here:

I have a soft spot for Anne Klein; after all, it was the reason Madison shopped at Bloomingdale's in one of my favorite childhood movies, Splash (1984). Mermaids, John Candy and romance... classic 80s.

Sandals: Manolo Blahnik Black Patent Leather T-Strap Sandals

If my left foot looks a little odd, it's because I have no polish on the big toe. I lost my first toenail over the weekend, due to a subungual hematoma from a pair of ill-filling shoes. (I wore them just once, and thankfully Amazon accepted them back with no questions asked.)  It didn't hurt at all, and apparently losing a toenail is a rite of passage for runners, though one I had managed to avoid until Saturday. Even though there is a nail there, I'm afraid to do anything to it until it grows back in a little more. I guess I'll just have an uneven pedicure for a few months. Oh well!