Friday, July 28, 2017

Get Your Beauty Sleep

Chapin and I treated ourselves to a Sleep Number king-sized bed this past Christmas, and one of the perks of having a "smart" bed is getting updates on your sleeping behavior. Not surprisingly, I don't get eight hours of sleep every night, and I actually fall well below even Sleep Number customer averages.

I normally go to bed around 10:30 p.m. and wake up at 5 a.m. to get a workout in. That's about six hours (and change) of sleep per night. I know that's not enough. So when I have a weird/scary dream and wake myself up from a deep state of REM, I'm usually exhausted the next day. That's what happened last night... and why I look so tired today! (I dreamed there was a feral cat in the house. It was about to attack Chapin when I woke myself up. Strange, I know.)

I chose today's dress because I was in a rush and it didn't need to be ironed. The dress is also semi-casual for a Friday.

Dress: BCBGMaxAzria Val Triangle Print-Blocked Dress

I actually bought the dress over a year ago and have worn it just one other time: on the girls trip to Charleston I took with some friends and my sister, Gail, last summer. I actually forgot I had it! The lines of the dress are very flattering, and I always appreciate a fit and flare silhouette!

Sandals: Jimmy Choo Henna 100 Leather Open-Toe Ankle-Wrap Pumps

I will be excited to catch up on some sleep this weekend. I feel like Chapin and I have had a lot going on lately, and I am excited for a weekend where we can take it easy.