Monday, July 17, 2017

Working It

It's been such a crazy day: meetings, reports, analyses, spotty Internet at the office, no time to even eat lunch. I barely have time to update this blog!

Outfit Details

Dress: Karen Millen Graphic Signature Pencil Dress in Black and White (sold out)

I chose this dress for today's busy day since I needed a piece that was ultra professional -- but still chic and comfortable. The lines of this Karen Millen sheath dress are very simple and slimming, but the cut still shows off a woman's arms, bust and waist. It's the best of both worlds.

Shoes: Jimmy Choo Lang Sandals in Flame

These sandals are very popular, and while this particular color is no longer available, you can still find the Lang style in a variety of different options.

I like finishing off a black and white dress with some color, and red or orange is the perfect pop to a neutrally colored dress. (But, really, any color would work.)

As Seen On

You may have seen this dress on a recent season of Bones. Camille Saroyan, played by Tamara Taylor, wore it in a 2016 episode.

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In Other News

I just finished reading, The Admissions, by Meg Mitchell Moore. The title is a play on words; while one character is applying early admission to Harvard, the other characters in this seemingly normal Northern California family are dealing with some (internal) admissions of their own. I became really immersed in this family, especially since there were three daughters just like my family.

I was utterly engrossed as the book follows Nora (the stressed working mom), Gabe (the businessman father), the two oldest sisters (Angela, 17, and Cecily, 10), and various other characters whose actions influence or shine a deeper light on the family's multi-faceted drama.

I highly recommend The Admissions if you're looking for some good fiction to lose yourself in. And while I was sad to see the book end, I also finished reading the last sentence and smiled. Let me assure you -- that's rare in my world.