Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kate the Great

I'm a big fan of the designer Kate Spade, but I don't own many items from the label. My first item was the red New York rotary iphone case my sister-in-law, Stacey, gave me for my birthday. The second was a gift from my husband (also for my birthday): the Kate Spade New York Bixby Shoulder Bag.

I'm so in love with this bag, and I adore having a new accessory! I like so many features of the Bixby Bag, including the retro design, bauble closure, Fallow (beige) color that goes with everything, and just the sheer size of the purse. It's so big that I can easily fit everything I need inside.

Kate Spade is actually calling the Bixby Bag the "official IT bag" of Summer 2011 on its website and Facebook page.

The bag comes in the Fallow color that I have, as well as Black, Pollen (yellow) and Aqua. It also comes in a super cute clutch version.

The shoulder bag is available at several leading retailers, including:

I can't believe how many retailers are selling the purse, so my advice if you want to buy one: shop at a store that offers free shipping, no sales tax for your state, and a discount coupon code. I got mine for 25% off!

Update 9/15/11: I have updated the list above, as some retailers are now sold out. Amazon has the purse for 45% off, but hurry, because I think there is only one left, and many places won't have the Bixby bag for much longer.