Thursday, June 16, 2011

What the Hail!

Atlanta experienced some major storms last night that resulted in high winds, thunder, lightening, hail and torrential downpours. Fortunately, there were no tornadoes in the area, though -- when the rain started howling -- I began to wonder. It was amazing to walk outside this morning and see all the scattered branches, leaves and other debris. These storms are so powerful.

Today I'm wearing a dress from the fabulous Rebecca Taylor brand, which has not previously been documented in the Fashion Challenge photos. It's a mock two-piece dress that does a great job combining the hard (the tougher pencil skirt on the bottom) and the soft (the lacy, delicate top). It's a classic Rebecca Taylor dress that is designed to go from the office to a night out. I really love it, though the skirt wrinkles easily, as you can see in the photo. And I even spent time steaming it this morning!