Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tomo Tuesday

I am very excited because I am meeting my sister, Gail, for lunch at one of my favorite sushi restaurants in Atlanta: Tomo. I discovered this little gem, hidden in a strip mall that also contains a Kroger and Thai restaurant, a few years ago when I worked just a mile nearby. Tomo has some great lunch specials, and since I can out-eat even Chapin when it comes to sushi, this place not only has fantastic food (the spicy tuna rolls are my favorite), but manages to save me some money, too.

Gail was in town this weekend, and it was nice to get in some quality time with my middle sister. Since Gail lives in Tennessee, we don't see each other more than once a month, or every month when things get busy, so I try to take advantage of all the time I have with her. Just three years younger than me, Gail and I are very close, and it helps that our husbands also get along REALLY well.

I decided for the occasion today - Tomo! - that I would wear a new dress. Chapin (sort of) gave me this dress for my birthday. I picked it out, and Chapin said it could be part of my birthday present. In case you didn't remember, I have been banned from purchasing clothes until at least November, but some exceptions were made for my recent 33rd birthday.

This dress is from one of my favorite brands, Cynthia Steffe. I have seen the dress in a few colors: this beautiful Kelly Green, as well as a vibrant Turquoise and Black. The Cynthia Steffe Talia Ponte Dress isn't available at too many stores, but I did find it here. I got mine at a recent sale on Rue La La, one of my favorite deal sites. If you want an invitation to join the site (it's free), just leave your name and info in the comments. Not all the deals on Rue La La are focused on women's fashion; the site also has men's clothing, shoes, home goods and more.