Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Do You Want it All?

It's amazing the difference I feel in my confidence level between yesterday, when I didn't like my outfit so much, and today, when I love it. Maybe it's the heels, but I just feel like I am walking taller. Clothes really do affect the way you hold yourself, and how others perceive you. I just wish I had learned that earlier in my career. My first job out of college, I probably wore jeans to work three or four days a week. Once I started taking more interest in my career, and wanting to excel and advance up the ladder, I began taking more time with my appearance. Many past managers have mentioned that appearance does count... If you are dressed well and look professional, your clients and colleagues will see you as someone to be taken seriously. That's just my advice for all the working women out there.

Today's dress is the Milly Phoebe Triple Chain Dress in Smoke. I found the dress on sale at two online stores -- albeit in some other colors, though:

I am such a huge fan of this brand! (It doesn't hurt that the founder's name is Michelle, either.) All the pieces are so feminine, chic and classic... I would wear just about any dress from the Spring collection, which is rare for me to say about any designer. The trouble with Milly: the price. Most dresses retail for over $300. I myself have never purchased one at full price, but that's pretty rare for me in general. I'm definitely a discount shopper! I have to be!

I paired the dress with my L.A.M.B. Gorgeous Peep Toe Pumps in Bronze, which are quickly becoming favorites of mine.