Friday, February 11, 2011

Only the Good Die Young

I'm feeling cold today --  hopefully I am not getting sick -- so I opted for pants for the second time this week. These navy wide leg pants from Ellen Tracy are extremely big on me, but I usually buy pants and shorts a few sizes too large so I can wear them low on my hips.

If you have big hips, I do recommend following this trick to make your butt look a lot smaller. And avoid high waisted pants and jeans at all costs. I don't know what Jessica Simpson was thinking! If you are at all curvy, high waists are not your friend.

What I love most about these pants, though: no pockets! Pockets are another trait that, on pants, can make you look very wide. I am forever searching for nice pants with no pockets, and they are hard to find. These pants have a side zip and no pockets, so they are perfect. I couldn't find the exact version of these pants online, but here is a slim fit version of the Ellen Tracy pants available at Macy's. Even at full price, these pants retail for under $60.

The trouble with these pants is that, in addition to being big on me, they are also very long. I really need to have them altered -- in fact, I have a whole pile of clothes I need to take to my alterations place in Buckhead -- but I either forget or don't have time. I know, I know: I need to make the time... especially as we are coming to the end of the Fashion Challenge.

In addition to the navy Ellen Tracy pants, I am also wearing just a simple white shirt from JCrew and navy suede L.A.M.B. Plum Wedges. Even though these wedge heels are four and half inches, the pants still almost reach the ground. Crazy!

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