Thursday, February 17, 2011

Easy Lover

It's another beautiful day in Atlanta. If I could copy a day's weather to have all year round, it would be today's sunshine and blue sky. It truly does feel like Spring, and I will be sad when Winter comes back to slap us in the face. I guess I will just have to enjoy it while I can.

I don't wear today's dress too often because it is a little big on me, and it really should be altered at the top. The Black Halo Eve Asymmetric-Neck Dress is a beautiful dress, but I have a few issues with it aside from it being a little large on top:

- The pockets are quite large, and when not smoothed down, make my hips look even larger.

- The dress material wrinkles SO easily. It is really impossible to sit down in this dress and not look a mess when you stand up again.

But overall I think this dress is very professional and chic, and I love the black buttons and sexy dip in the back. (It does show a little too much back for the office, but oh well.) This Black Halo style is about a year old, so I couldn't find it online, but here is a similar style on the Black Halo Jackie Asymmetric-Neck Dress.

It was easy to choose the title of today's post, because it's also the name of the lip gloss I'm wearing. I'm loving this NARS brand Easy Lover lip gloss, which is described as "sheer hot pink." I think it matches the natural tone of my lips pretty well.

I am also wearing my Modern Vintage Eligia T-Strap Pumps in Black Suede.