Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Only Exception

The wind is really howling today, and it's supposed to be cold the rest of the week. I have to say: I'm kind of over this winter weather. Where is Spring already?

Today I chose the Juicy Couture Troupe Dress because it is very warm, made with 90% wool. I love the puff sleeves and overall military style, which is very "in" right now. I am also wearing flats today from Tory Burch, as I may walk to get something to eat on my lunch break, and it's much easier to walk in flats as opposed to high heels!

Speaking of shoes, I enjoyed the segment on The Today Show this morning on the female love for footwear. I have to admit, the entire time, I was thinking, "Where can I get those killer heels Meredith Viera is wearing?" I guess I just proved their point.