Monday, February 7, 2011

We Are the Champions

After a great weekend, I feel focused and ready for a hard-working week. My dress today is from Cynthia Steffe: the Cynthia Steffe Sherri Asymmetrical Jersey Dress. I found it on just one website,, where I've never shopped before. I do have to start investigating new places for dresses -- and, especially, dresses on sale -- because one of my favorite sites,, recently shut down its retail operations. I'm still hoping it comes back online with new inventory.

I am also wearing black tights and my L.A.M.B. Glance Booties in black with red stitching. I don't really like pairing tights with peep toes, but the cold temperature today necessitated it!

Chapin and I had a lot going on this past weekend, so here is a quick update:

- We saw a friend's art displayed at an art show in Decatur, and since we got there late, helped him take down his booth.

- We ate dinner with our favorite "foodie" couple, Rahul and Vinnie, at the Imperial Fez on Saturday night. If you want a true Moroccan food experience in Atlanta, then book your reservation today. You have to take your shoes off to eat, you sit on the floor amidst pillows, and eat with your hands (though utensils are provided). There are even belly dancers, and I was the only one who got up and tried it!

- Yesterday we also had Italian food with my Mom and Dad. My Dad has started cooking, and makes a great sauce.

- We wrapped up the weekend with the Super Bowl, and I baked chocolate chip cookies while the game was on (and so I would not miss the commercials). Of course, my favorite is the Doritos pug commercial: