Sunday, October 31, 2010

I Always Feel Like... Somebody's Watching Me

Happy Halloween! I always love this day of the year, when you can become someone else, watch scary movies, eat lots of candy and sweets, and pretty much wear whatever you want... and get away with it. This year, we decided to dress up as a family:

  • Chapin is Mario from the Super Mario Bros. Nintendo game
  • I am the princess, Princess Peach to be exact, who is waiting patiently for Mario to get his ass in gear and save the day
  • George is the evil dragon, Bowzer, who is holding the princess hostage

We had fun last night attending a Halloween party, although, as I was steaming our outfits, I realized that we did not have the bushy mustache that was supposed to be part of the Mario costume pack. So, we had to improvise, and I ended up drawing that mustache on Chapin with black liquid eyeliner. I think it came out pretty well, don't you!

We are also dog sitting for the weekend, so George has had a playmate. Here is a sweet picture of Zooey. I think we have realized after having two for the weekend that we are not ready to get another dog yet. Maybe we will be ready someday, but for now, we will just be a family of three.

Happy Halloween to all my readers! I hope you enjoy today as much as I am (so far)!