Monday, October 18, 2010

We Are Family

It was hard coming back to work today after spending a wonderful weekend with my sisters. My sister, Gail, came into town on Friday night with her husband in tow, and I was so excited to see her. I don't think I had seen her since June, which is probably the longest we've ever gone without an in-person visit.

I also got to experience Laura's cooking for the first time. In my mind, she's always the little sister who played with Barbies and watched 90210 and 80s movies with me -- Dirty Dancing! Dance Til Dawn! -- but she is a married lady now with a home of her own. And she's a great cook! Too bad Chapin had to miss out, because he went to the Auburn game on Saturday with some friends he knows through work.

I worked through lunch today and will need to stay late, so I haven't been outside since walking George this morning. It looks overcast out right now, but I don't think rain is in the forecast.

As for my outfit today, I'm wearing a gray and black dress from Max & Cleo, one of the brands under the BCBG umbrella. Max & Cleo is definitely a cheaper brand, and the clothes are not usually that well made, but there are some really cute options out there - like this dress!

I am also wearing Charles by Charles David Curtsy Slingbacks in Black Tweed. These shoes pinch my toes, but they sure are cute!