Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Michelle, Ma Belle

Strangely enough - it's like I was destined to like fashion or something - both parts of my maiden name are famous fashion brands:

- MICHELE: Known primarily for watches, MICHELE also has a line of purses and sunglasses.

- Fontanelli: High-end Fontanelli purses use quality leather and are made with fine Italian craftsmanship.

Although I own many beautiful bags, I did not have a MICHELE or Fontanelli purse among my collection... until now! I was very excited last week to learn that Michele brand purses were going to be featured on Rue La La. In the picture on the right, I am holding my new MICHELE Layla Chain Swag Crushed Patent Leather Satchel. I am so excited! The name plate on the front actually reads Michele - spelled with one "l"!