Friday, April 29, 2011

At Last

Well, the day has come: Today is the final day of the Fashion Challenge. I am wearing this Betsey Johnson dress for a reason: it was the first designer dress I ever purchased. I thought it would be fitting that I wear it today, for Day 165 and the last day of the challenge.

Day 165: Last Day of the Fashion Challenge
Back in 2003, we were saving up for our wedding and had just purchased our home, so we were not in the position to be spending much money on unnecessary items like dresses. I saw the dress online at Neiman Marcus and knew it would be perfect for our engagement photo session, so I splurged. I think the dress was maybe $90 -- on sale, of course -- and I have gotten a lot of use out of it over the years. It's just a classic piece.

The red checked pattern makes me think of this dress as my "picnic dress," and I love adding bold red lips to match the color in the dress. I know I look tired today, but that's because I was up at 4:20 to watch the Royal Wedding. I woke up before my alarm because I was so excited. I just couldn't miss an event as special as The Royal Wedding, especially since Kate Middleton is such a fashionista herself. :)

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Anonymous said...


I simply ADORE the Betsy Johnson dress!! It is so feminine and lovely and so are you! I have been following your blog for a while and I love it, but this is the first time I am posting a comment. I adore your fashion choices. I, too, am overwhelmingly a dress wearer, although I'm not as pretty as you are! I wear dresses about three quarters of the time, and skirts most of the rest of the time. Most of my dresses are longish and flowing. I rarely wear pants. Don't like them! Just don't feel as feminine in them. Would much rather leave them to the men! I was intrigued and a little dismayed that sometimes when you have an important meeting at work, you feel you have to put on a pantsuit. I think you'd look SO much better in a smart skirt outfit or skirtsuit. Or why not a dress and jacket? Also, I noticed you never seem to wear pantyhose. I nearly always do, unless I'm in something like a sundress or a casual skirt and it's really hot. Anyway, as I said, love your blog and your dresses. My name is Marie. I don't have an ID on this system but my email is Cheers!