Monday, April 4, 2011


It's always hard to come back to work after spending lots of quality time with my husband. As we lose more and more of our friends to their children, we have started spending most weekends together doing things just the two of us... or the three of us. If we can, we always try to bring George along during our weekend outings. We took him to Piedmont Park's Small Dog Park on Sunday so he could run around with other dogs his size. He enjoys getting to sniff anything he chooses, from the other dog butts to the grass and weeds. Chapin, however, has accused me of "hovering" too much and not letting George out of my sight. What can I say... I'm a bit paranoid after everything we went through with Izzie. Can you blame me?

With nothing in the house, and with neither of us showing any inclination to go grocery shopping, Chapin and I ate pretty much every meal but breakfast out this weekend. I know that's terrible, but it was the weekend!

We were both craving Mexican, so we had dinner at Pure Taqueria in Inman Park on Saturday night. This place has the best salsa, and I am a fan of their margaritas as well. There is even a drink named after me (or some other fabulous Michele): the Michele Margarita! How cool is that? (In case you're interested, it is a "margarita with El Jimador anejo & Gran Marnier floater.")

Sunday, we had chips, salsa and beer for dinner at the Taco Mac in Virgina-Highlands. We love going there because we can take George with us -- dogs are allowed on the patio -- which is fairly unique to this location. When we tried to take him to the patio at the Alpharetta location, we were booted. We think it's so funny that George behaves the best when he is either sitting in one of our laps or sitting on his own stool. I truly believe he thinks he is a person! If we leave him on the ground "like a common dog," he spends most of his time either searching for crumbs or pawing at us to pick him up. I have the scratches to prove it!

George of the Concrete Jungle with his favorite toy
It's hot in Atlanta today -- the high is 80 degrees -- and since I'm spending the day at my desk, and not face-to-face with clients, I chose this lightweight sundress from Studio M. I love the pink color and empire waist, and it's extremely comfortable for a hot day. I am loving my short haircut for these sun-kissed days leading up to summer, though I'm still not used to feeling the sun on the back of my neck. I did, at least, remember to put sunscreen there. I don't leave the house without lathering up if I know I'm going to be spending any decent amount of time outside. I usually opt for SPF50. Save your skin!

I am also using a new purse today that I got for just $20 on the Nine West Jameson Tote in Shitake. I love getting a good deal. It is my only mushroom-colored bag, and it matches perfectly with these L.A.M.B. Veena High Heel Sandals.

Although has sold out of the bag, you can find other great deals on Nine West purses on the site right now, like this Nine West Safari Satchel or Nine West Carousel Hobo.

My sisters gave me this dress for my birthday a few years ago, although it also has sad memories for me. I was wearing this dress at work in August 2009, when -- during a call with a client --Izzie suddenly started having a seizure. She went into the hospital for over a week that time, and we almost lost her, but then she started getting better and the disease went into remission. Little did we know it would come back with a vengeance just a few short months later.