Thursday, April 28, 2011

Born This Way

Chapin and I were catching up on Glee last night, and I could not help but be a bit annoyed/ bored during most of the episode, which  focused, among other things, on the character of Rachel (Lea Michele) and her desire to get a nose job. While I do think 16 is too young for such a major surgery -- I don't feel you come into yourself (or your face) completely until your early 20s -- in my humble opinion, you don't need to accept all your little flaws in order to be "true to yourself."

I can love myself and still want to make myself a better person -- physically, intellectually, emotionally, etc. Does everyone with crooked teeth need to accept that fact and not get braces? Does everyone with poor eyesight need to suffer with glasses when contacts are just as good? I don't think so.

Self-esteem is so important, especially for a young girl going through puberty and the stresses of high school, and I was one of those girls who had braces AND glasses in my horror year: 7th grade. I do think these people going around getting "prom Botox" are crazy -- what parent would pay for that? -- but you can't tell me I don't like myself because I want to look my best.

Today's outfit is one, actually, that makes me feel like I need to lose about 10-15 pounds. (Weight will always be an issue with me.) That usually happens whenever I wear jersey (such a thin material) in such a close-fitting silhouette. This ruched dress from Ella Moss is actually quite unique. The shoulders are asymmetrical, and I love the ruffle going up the entire left side of the dress. The zipper is actually hidden in the ruffle, so it's virtually invisible. The hemline is also asymmetrical, with the right side falling down longer than the left.

I also love this blue-purple color that falls somewhere between navy and violet.

I couldn't find the dress online, since I purchased it over a year ago, but here is a very similar dress from Susana Monaco. Other ruched jersey dresses that caught my eye include:

One thing I will say about this Ella Moss dress: it does good things for the booty. I feel like I have some Kim Kardashian action going on today.