Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hungry Eyes

Fashion Challenge: Day 149
Chapin and I have not been eating too healthy lately, and we both realize that needs to stop. This past weekend, we ate every meal (practically) out of the house. Last night, we had pizza and red wine for dinner after 8 p.m.! I usually try not to eat past that time, but we both got home from work late and could not decide on dinner plans. Finally, Chapin talked me into the pizza. It was very yummy, but today I am paying the price. As I've gotten older, I've definitely noticed that when I eat badly, my body shows it.

Tonight, Chapin is planning to grill duck tenderloin for dinner. Since I stopped eating mammals about three years ago, duck is the closest thing I have found to steak. I just suddenly found it upsetting to eat animals that seemed so gentle to me -- cows, pigs, sheep, rabbits, etc. -- so I stopped. I still eat poultry and fish, but I may one day be a full vegetarian. I don't know what I am now, but at least I feel better about myself. And I'm sure it's healthy to not eat red meat.

As for today's fashion... I am wearing the Frock! by Tracy Reese Thea Dress in a amazing azure blue. I could not find the exact dress online, but here is the dress in a slightly different style and color. As we wind up the Fashion Challenge, I am trying to intersperse more fun dresses with some of my remaining bland outfits.

I'm also wearing a butterfly necklace my in-laws gave me for Christmas several years ago, and Stuart Weitzman Bamada Peep-Toe Slingbacks in Black.

Although it's a bit chilly out today, the sun is out and the sky is so blue... a great Spring day. I do wish I could be outside enjoying the sunshine, but at least the weekend is only a few short days away.