Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Saw the Sign

In going through my closet recently, I discovered several day dresses that I have decided to make part of the Fashion Challenge. Most of these dresses are sundresses that I wouldn't normally wear to work, but that I think I can get away with so long as I don't have any face-to-face client meetings. Fortunately, most of my meetings this week have been on the phone!

Today's dress is one I haven't worn in quite a while. I bought this flowing black and gray Betsey Johnson day dress in 2009. I love the little see-through cap sleeves and the way the dress flows so easily around me.

Betsey Johnson dresses are hit or miss with me; I either love them or hate them. Some of her designs seem straight out of a magazine from 1989, but others, like this simple dress, are comfortable and sweet.

I paired the dress today with black rose mesh pumps, also from Betsey Johnson. The heels are high, so I hope I won't have a sore back later on.

I'm feeling tired today because Chapin and I went out to dinner last night after attending the wake for Rod Sanders. We went to a great seafood place in Decatur called Wahoo that was located near the funeral home. We ate there once before, but for some reason, never returned. I don't know why. The food is great, and the cocktail I had ("The Drunken Gardner" with cucumber and basil) was extremely strong and delicious. The restaurant was fairly crowded for a Wednesday night, maybe due to the great $19 specials they have during the week. I highly recommend it.

At the wake, we spoke to Rod's sister and found out that he had been having headaches and other problems for years, but never went to the doctor. The cause of his stroke was diagnosed as untreated high blood pressure. If anything good comes out of this tragedy, I hope it will compel someone who might not like to visit the doctor to just suck it up and go. Life is too short!