Friday, April 8, 2011


Today's dress is a little risque for the workplace, but since it's Friday, I figured I would push my luck. I again tried on several different outfits this morning, debating (with myself) about what would be appropriate for the office. I have some beautiful dresses left in my closet that you, dear readers, have never seen before. But they are all more appropriate for a night out that a day at the office.

This dress, though -- paired with a cardigan -- seems to be working out alright. The reason I've never worn the Cynthia Steffe Giada dress to the office before is because it has several cut-outs, one in the front and one in the back. Fortunately, the cardigan hides the cut-out in back, which you can see in this picture. (The dress also came in black.)

I normally would not recommend a cut-out dress for work, but since we're nearing the very end of the Fashion Challenge, I figured I would break my own rule. After today, I can maybe squeeze in one more week of outfits. And if I take my lazy butt to my alterations lady this weekend, I could increase that number, since I have several dresses that need to be taken in at the top.

Sometimes it is really hard for me to find a dress that fits me just right, because I am usually a four up top and a six below due to the fact that I store all my fat in my hips and upper thighs. Sometimes I don't know what designers are thinking, because usually those items that don't fit have to be taken up at the shoulders.

If you really love something, though, the fact that it doesn't fit quite right should not discourage you from buying an item of clothing. Alterations can really make a garment "work" for you. If you've ever watched What Not to Wear, you will hear Stacy and Clinton tell that to most of their victims.

I paired the dress today with my Dolce Vita Apple Suede Clog Pumps, which I really find quite comfortable.

Fortunately, today is Friday, which means I can sleep in tomorrow. Yay for sleep!