Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oh, I Love You So

Day 158 in the Fashion Challenge
I still haven't received my things back from alterations, so I'm scrounging for things to wear for the Fashion Challenge. Fortunately, I have a slew of sundresses that I don't normally wear to work, but paired with a cardigan or sweater, are ok for the office.

Today, since it will be 85 degrees, I am wearing this Marc by Marc Jacobs sundress. It meshes some of my favorite colors into a gorgeous pattern: blue, black, purple and pink. I'm also wearing a pair of my "clunky" sandals from the brand, Frye. The Frye Lena Leaf Strap Sandals are very comfortable, and they give me something I love: height!

I last wore this dress when I met up with the kids I used to babysit for back in high school. The oldest is married and living in Germany with his beautiful wife, and the other two are in college at the University of South Carolina. It makes me feel so old that they are all so grown up, but I still love them and think of them so fondly. They were a big part of my life for so many years. I remember when Blake was born, even, and now she is a Freshman in college. Oh how the years go by...

Robert, Michele and Blake